The Keurig K200 Plus: The Pros & Cons

Before you buy the Keurig K200 Plus brewing machine, you'll want to know what its pros and cons are. We have put together a short review that will cover both, as well as discuss its price and where to buy it. Read our review and then you can decide if this coffeemaker is right for you.

The Pros
One of the best things about the K200 Plus is the two-inch touch display. The display is very responsive to your touch and operating the coffeemaker is easy. All you have to do is choose your options via the display and you're good to go. Even if you've never used a coffeemaker, you will have no problems figuring out how this one works.

The water reservoir is able to hold up to 40-ounces of water. This is actually quite large, especially considering that the overall size of the K200 Plus is small. On that note, it doesn't weight a lot and it doesn't take up a lot of room. You should be able to place this anywhere on your counter-top, desk or anywhere else you decide to use it.

The strength control feature is useful. You can quickly choose how strong you want your coffee. Best of all, it doesn't take long to brew, so you won't have to wait around for long periods of time for your coffee.

If you're picky about the color of your appliances, then you'll be pleased to know that the K200 Plus is available in 11 different colors. Simply browse the colors it is available in and choose the one that will suit the rest of your room's decor or whatever your favorite color is. The chances are it is available in your favorite color.

The Cons
There's only two cons we can think of and they really come down to a matter of personal opinion. The K200 Plus is very small, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing and it was designed to be small because it is best suited for one or two people to use it. If you only brew a coffee for yourself and another person, then this won't bother you.

The other con is the price, but once again some people will think the K200 Plus is priced fairly. We think it is priced fairly, especially when you consider it is a quality coffeemaker. Generally speaking, it is one of the best coffeemakers for the price, especially when you compare it to other similar coffeemakers.

What you pay for it depends on where you buy it from, but a brand new one can go for around $150. This is a fair price, especially when you consider the pros previously mentioned. We are confident you will be happy with your purchase as soon as you start using the K200 Plus.

Where To Buy The K200 Plus
You can buy the K200 Plus at many places. Retailers that sell a range of goods might have it in stock or you can buy it online. It's up to you where you decide to purchase it.

The Keurig K200 Plus is reasonably priced and it is a reliable coffeemaker. If you buy it, then you can expect to own it for a longtime to come. Our conclusion is that it receives a solid rating and it is worth purchasing.

As you can see, we believe the Keurig K200 Plus is well worth the money. It is packed with good features and it is a must-have if you're a coffee drinker. All you have to do now is order your K200 Plus and then start using it as soon as it is set up.